REALLY? Sushi king TIDAK halal?


saya dengan tidak sengaja nya terbaca la artikel berkenaan Industri Makanan halal di Malaysia
terjumpa 1 artikel yang menarik
sama2 la membaca k..


Dear Marilyn,

Another elements of halal is on the use of alcohol in food preparation/cooking/ presence of alcohol in the ingredients such as source and etc.

can u tell me whether Sushi King use alcohol or other materials that contents alcohol?


Dear Mr. Abdul Rahman Omar,

Thank you for your email. For your information, we are not a halal restaurants as we d not have the certificates from JAKIM, but we can claim us as Pork Free. All our meat best product like chicken and beef are Halal Certified and we do not use any pork or pork derivatives in our restaurants.

Sushi King is not certified "Halal". This is due to some food of our food contains "Mirin"

Mirin is derived from fermentation of rice and its commonly use in Japanese cooking to enhance the taste of food.

Following are products that contains Mirin:
  1.  Unagi Kabayaki
  2. Unagi Slice
  3. Karei Nitsuke
  4. Saba Misoni
  5. Mamakari
  6. Ikura
 On the top of that, some of our restaurants do sell beer

However, our meat materials such as chicken, beef and seafood are from Halal Certified source.

Hope this clarifies your concern.

Thank you,

Warmest Regards,
Marilyn Lim,
Marketing Department,
Sushi King Sdn. Bhd.

This articles was submitted by the Marketing Departments itself.
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